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Customer Service Awards

Research shows that customer service is the most important factor in retaining customers and winning customer service awards adds credibility. We answer your frequently asked questions around entering Customer Experience awards.

What will make my business stand out to the judges?
The criteria for customer service awards varies. As a general rule, judges are looking to hear your story and see tangible business benefits of providing exceptional customer service and see the changes you have made as a result of a customer-centric approach.

How can I demonstrate customer satisfaction?
There are lots of different ways to demonstrate customer satisfaction and it’s very important you back up your claims with statistics, testimonials and surveys. Many larger companies use a Net Promoter Score to benchmark their service against competitors as this shows how likely customers are to recommend your service to a friend.

What costs are involved in entering customer service awards?
Dependent on the format of awards, entry fees can range from no charge to up to £300 plus per application. If you make the finals, it is also important to consider costs for tickets, travel and accommodation which can vary based on where the awards ceremony is hosted. Taking your team along is great way to boost morale and celebrate all your hard work.

Is there a difference between customer service and customer experience?
In recent years there has been a shift away from talking about service as brands are becoming increasingly aware that a customer’s impressions are formed through multiple touchpoints including technology, marketing, packaging and the quality of your product. Not just the service they receive from your employees.

In the digital age, the online shopping experience is just as important as the physical shopping experience therefore mobile optimisation and user experience can have a big impact on a customer’s opinion of your company. When writing award entries, think of all the ways your brand touches customers and think about how you are continuously improving this experience.

Why are customer experience awards so important?
According to Forrester, 72% of businesses say that improving customer experience is their top priority. And each year new data indicates that customer service and the customer experience are more important than ever. New technologies and a proliferation in the use of social channels means customer expectations are higher than ever before. If your company is going above and beyond, gain the recognition you deserve.

What customer service awards should I enter?
Here is a sample of some customer service awards to enter:

UK Customer Experience Awards
UK Complaint Handling Awards

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