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National Business Awards

With thousands of national business awards, there is certainly a lot of choice to gain the recognition you deserve. Entering awards is a cost effective strategy that impacts positively on your bottom line, providing customers with reassurance about your service.

Read on to see how your brand can stand out:.

What type of award should I be entering?
This all ties into your business strategy and brand image. Clearly, winning awards boosts your reputation as a trustworthy brand but we recommend taking the time to carefully consider your strategy,

For example, what is your company’s mission? What do you want to stand for or represent? A lot of companies are looking to boost recruitment, therefore they would like to be known as an Employer of Choice. Or they want their Corporate Social Responsibility values to be known. Our advice is to review your business’s vision and align your PR and marketing efforts accordingly.

How do I become award winning in my industry?
There are a host of sector specific awards you can enter. For example, read how we helped our client Ensors win awards in the accountancy sector.

Most companies want to be known for their leading customer experience practices and these are often hotly contested categories. Look at our customer experience awards page to get a head start,

How do I prepare for a judging presentation?
Often, awards hold a two stage process. The first stage is where you complete a written entry and the second stage is to present, live in front of a panel of judges.

We have prepared an article to help you stand out to the judges, Read our top tips on how to prepare for an awards presentation,

Here are a selection of national business awards to enter:

If you are a smaller business, take a look at our small business awards page.

To discuss your award winning strategy, please call Suzy on 01603 219191 or fill in our awards brief form here.