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Tourism Awards

Are you looking to enter travel and tourism awards? Do you think you have the best hotel, the most customer orientated tour operator or the friendliest travel team? Read on to see how you can raise your profile globally.

With travel and tourism a highly competitive industry, it’s imperative your brand stands out and gains the kudos it deserves. There are a vast range of national and international travel awards you could enter – but where to start?

What travel awards should you enter?
In our Time To Reflect session, we will discuss your strategy and then recommend the most relevant and credible awards. After all there is no point in entering awards just for the sake of it. Careful planning now will reap rewards later.

A good starting point is to reflect on your business strategy. What are your business ambitions for the year ahead? And what steps have you taken to get closer to where you want your business or department to be?

For example, has your hotel recently been refurbished? Have you invested heavily into improving customer communications? These are all good opportunities to impress the judges!

How long should I allow to prepare?
Word counts vary for each award, but most travel and tourism awards will have a minimum of 1000 words, which can often take up to a week to research, write and submit.

We advise working a minimum of two months before the awards deadline to ensure you have compiled all of the all-important information the judges are looking for, and avoiding a mad rush to the finish line!

What are judges looking for in awards??
Like any awards, judges are looking for the companies that best fit the awards criteria. Sounds obvious doesn’t it – but judges are never surprised (sadly) by companies who enter awards that aren’t the right fit for their business, or convey their story in a clear, compelling way. Our previous experience and broader industry knowledge puts us in the best position to objectively review your potential, and recommend the awards series that really is the best fit for you.

Some of our favourite travel awards
There are a host of travel awards to enter. Here is a flavour of some we believe are worth having on your radar:

For comprehensive travel awards research, please call Suzy on 01603 219191 or complete our awards brief.