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Writing business awards

Business Awards
Having judged award entries for national business awards, our team of writers knows just how important it is to ensure that your strengths stand out and leave a positive lasting impression through a compelling business award entry.

Using our fresh perspective, we pride ourselves on taking time to fully understand your business before writing concise copy that showcases the best of your business.

We know from experience that awards judges have a tough job, reviewing a large amount of entries, often within a limited timeframe. Our role is therefore to present all of the relevant information that makes your business deserving of an award win in a succinct and engaging way.

Supporting Information
Supporting information is a key ingredient to awards success. And we are on hand to provide guidance with your supporting information, to maximise your chances of success..

Presentation consultancy
As part of the judging process, it is now common for awards organisers to request that you present your submission in person as a second to the process once the written submission has successfully passed the first stage of scrutiny. You may be up against 20 competitors so this is a crucial opportunity to show the heart of your business and reinforce your winning achievements and attributes.

First impressions are formed within seven seconds. We will help you to make sure it counts!

Read our top tips on how to prepare an award winning presentation.

To find out more about our business award services please call Suzy on 01603 219191 or request our Awards Brochure.