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5 reasons to enter Business Awards in 2021

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Entering business awards is an excellent way of raising your profile and gaining recognition for all of your hard work.

Here are five reasons why you should enter business awards in 2021:

1. Appraise your business
When busy with the day to day running of your company, evaluating your business can slip down the priority list.
Entering business awards gives you the opportunity to step back and take a fresh look at your business; helping you to identify strengths and gain a fresh insight.

2. Raise your profile
Winning an award is a fantastic way to boost your profile. Not only will your award be read by the awards judges, you will also receive extensive media coverage if you are shortlisted or become a winner.  So, don’t be shy – it’s time to shout about your success!

3. Build your contacts
Award ceremonies attract businesses from across the business community, which can help you to build your network of suppliers or future customers. Even in the Covid era of virtual award ceremonies, you can still develop relationships with other businesses,

Awards are also a great opportunity to exchange knowledge with your peers and reward your team for all of their hard work.

4. Improve your business
Many awards provide feedback, so you can gain vital information about why you may have narrowly missed being selected. This might provide an area of your business plan to work on for the next time. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t win at your first attempt. Build stronger evidence and come back the next year!

5. Use your entry for other marketing
You have spent valuable time preparing your award entry so make sure you gain maximum leverage by re-using the copy in:

  • Blog posts and website content – Most awards will describe how your business is different from your competitors, so make sure this is communicated across your website and in your marketing material
  • Tenders – Awards are a fantastic way to tell your business story – so use your copy from your award entries in your business tenders.

Interested in entering awards and making 2021 an award winning year?
Request our brochure to find out more about our services including our Awards Calendar service, so your business can plan ahead.