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How to win at ‘Judges’ Houses’

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Award programmes are often a two-stage process. If you are shortlisted after your submission, you will likely be invited to ‘judges’ houses’.

This is a crucial stage of adjudicating – an opportunity for you to showcase your business story to the judges. So don’t take your foot off the pedal once the ‘submit’ button has been pressed or you have been shortlisted.

Here are our top 5 tips to set your presentation apart from competitors:

1. Take time to re-visit your written submission
Concentrate on the judges’ criteria, reinforcing key messages and thinking of ways to strengthen areas through face-to-face interaction.

Remember, the judges have already scored your written entry. Now they are looking for you to bring your business story to life.

2. Structure your content to address the judging criteria
The panel will thank you for a presentation that keeps messages simple and easy to follow. Begin by outlining what you are going to talk about and finish by summarising the key messages.

3. Practise your presentation
Ask trusted colleagues to feedback their top three take-aways, making sure your messages are clear to the audience.

Take their feedback on board and tweak your presentation, making sure you are confident before taking it to the panel.

4. Choose a team to present with that represents your business in the best light
Presenters do not need to be high-level executives; staff who interact with your customers can show the heart of your company.

5. Ensure your visit is one the judges can’t forget
Think of imaginative ideas including handouts or activities to get the panel fully involved in your business.

With only seven seconds to make a strong first impression, ensure each second counts with a polished and personal presentation.

To help you over the finish line, speak to Suzy on 01603 219191 to discuss how we can maximize your chances of success.